(Not) According to plan

Wisiorek na wrzosowym tle wyhaftowany z koralików

We like it when everything goes according to plan, don’t we? However, in reality, in most cases, we come across many obstacles, problems so the initial plan has to be changed or adjusted. And it’s all fine as long as we achieve, more or less, what we wanted, but … if we don’t, there is the anger, the frustration of wasting the precious time and making all of those efforts for nothing…(at least in my case, that’s the way it is). We always have those big plans, we imagine the results, but at the end of it all, the outcome is nothing what we had in mind…

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It’s Christmas time! :)

Naszyjnik ręcznie wyszywany koralikami na białej organzie na specjalne okazje

Hand made necklace for Christmas or any other special occasion 🙂 rich in different seed beads, ribbons, chains, buttons,bow, cabochons and TOHO beads – in black&white colours. Made on white felt and organza (ok, to be honest it’s not exactly organza, but part of my curtain, and no, I didn’t cut it to make the necklace;) I had some leftovers, which I thought could be a perfect foundation)

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