Return to childhood – T-shirt and potato stamp

Tutorial DIY koszulka w kocie ślady łapek

Potatoes – first connation which comes to my mind? Delicious! Especially  those roasted ones. Potatoes are very popular and the most commonly used vegetable in different meals in Poland, however sometimes they can also serve a different purpose.

In the early childhood I used potato stamps in the shape of letters, it was our teacher’s a creative way of teaching us the alphabet. Today potato stamps will have a different task, they will help us to decorate a T-shirt.  I will show you that to make an original, unique and with the ‘wow!’ effect T-shirt, you don’t have to dwell on it for hours painting. We can achieve it in an easier way, but see it for yourselves:

How to start:

DIY Koszulka w kocie łapki - Potrzebne materiały-koszulka kocia łapka

  1. a T-shirt – the colour is your personal choice, mine is white
  2. a potato – to make a stamp
  3. acrylic paint
  4. paintbrush – to apply the paint on the stamp
  5. knife or any other tool with a sharp end – to cut the stamp out
  6. a piece of cardboard – to put under the front side of the T-shirt so that the paint won’t soak through
  7. a pattern, which we want to have on a stamp

DIY Koszulka w kocie łapki - Ziemniak do przekrojenia na pół

Depending on the size of the stamp you’re planning you have to pick a proper sized potatoe. Then you cut it in a half, we will need only one of those halves.

Przekrajamy ziemniaka na pół

Before I started to cut out the stamp I dried the potato.

Przeciaramy przekrojonego ziemniaka papierowym ręcznikiem

You cut out the prepared pattern, after that you put it on the potato and try to mark the edges carefully. The cutting is a very precise job to do, I would even dare to say surgical 😉 You have to be careful and gentle as not to cut the main part of your stamp.

Wykrawamy nożem nasz stempelek

and here is a finished stamp:

Skończony stempelek z ziemniaka

Before you move on to stamping your T-shirt, try out the stamp on a piece of paper to see if the result is everything you expected.

Próbne stemplowanie na kartce papieru

It is time to put the cardboard under the front of your T-shirt so that you won’t allow the paint to soak through:

Podkładamy karton pod koszulkę

We use the paintbrush to put some paint on the stamp:

Nakładamy farbę na stempelek

We have the first mark of the paw:

Pierwszy stempelek na koszulce zrobiony

Now it is the easy and fun part and the paw T-shirt is finished in no time. Remember to iron the T-shirt inside out when the paint dries out to preserve the pattern

The last thing to do is the official approval of the T-shirt, so that it can be worn 🙂 The commision was appointed and consists of : … Stefan the cat

Careful examination …

Stefan aprobuje skończony projekt

And yes! That’s it! The final approval is granted. Stefan approved and certified the whole project, what about you?

Projekt koszulka z kocimi łapkami zaaprobowany

We are begining the negotiations of the rate to be paid for the consultant

Negocjacje stawki Stefana

We reached the compromise without any unnecessary disputes

Stawka dla Stefana wynegocjowana

Deserved compensation is being handed, the consultant wasn’t the cheapest, but it was worth it 🙂

Zasłużone wynagrodzenie dla Stefana

And now you can have a look at the T-shirt itself.

Gotowa koszulka w kocie łapki2

Gotowa koszulka w kocie łapki3

Gotowa koszulka w kocie łapki

DIY Koszulka w kocie łapki

Here is the short version of the tutorial:

Krótki tutorial - DIY Koszulka w kocie łapki

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