Recycling? I’m in! – necklaces made of tights

Wszystkie naszyjniki z rajstop razem - TUTORIAL

If somebody told me a few yeras ago that I made聽a necklace using tights I would laugh in his face, but today? Today, I made a necklace using tights, in other words a recycling in full swing 馃檪

Lately, before I decide to throw something away I look at it wondering whether a necklace can be made out of it 馃檪 So here I was, putting my tights in order, I found some old and useless ones to be thrown away, however when I looked at them, it made me thinking that sometime in the past I would get rid of them just like that, without giving it any thought and now I was considering to reuse them again…I’m getting old 馃槈 Anyway, tights stayed and got the second chance and now you will see for yourselves if it was worth to keep them.

Let’s begin!

What will we need:

Potrzebne materia艂y do zrobienia naszyjnika z rajstop

  1. tights聽– any quantity and colours聽– I used 3 pairs in 3 different colours, thickness: 60 DEN
  2. scissors聽–聽to cut tights
  3. a sewing thread
  4. a needle
  5. a chain –聽or something else which can serve as an embellishment

A chain, which I would like to use is also retrieved. It was a part of a belt, but I didn’t like it so much that I’ve decided to remove it. The belt looks much better now and is still worn:

艂a艅cuszek odzyskany z paska

To make our necklace we will need only “legs”, so we can cut them out, separating “legs” from the parts which cover toes and hips:

odcinanie cz臋艣ci rajstopy zakrywaj膮cej palce i biodra

We聽have all the “legs” ready, they聽looked like this when I was finished:

obci臋te paski rajstop we wszystkich kolorachNow, we begin to cut every “leg” down the middle, so that we get two stripes. From my 6 pairs of tights I have 12 stripes. However you should take out 3 of them to have something to finish the necklace with:

przecinamy rajstopy na p贸艂

przeci臋te rajstopy gotowe

You can also increase the number of the stripes by cutting them further down the middle. The more you cut the more thinner stripes you have.

And now we are stretching our stripes as much as we can – I have tested that before on other tights:

naci膮gamy pasek wyci臋ty z rajstopy Such stretching makes the striped to roll inside from the both sides and the end effect you can see on th epicture below:

efekt naci膮gania paska z rajstop

We do the same with every single stripe excluding those 3 grey ones which will be used to finish our necklace. After such stretching, you have your arm muscles trained so that聽you can give up a聽gym for at least a month 馃槈

naci膮gni臋te paski i szare paski do wyko艅czenia

wszystkie rajstopy naci膮gni臋te

Then,聽we take two ends of every stripe and we sew them together, the colour of thread used doesn’t matter at this point as the sewing will be covered with the grey stripe:

zszywamy ko艅c贸wki ka偶dego paska1

When we already have all the stripes sewn, we put them together and take the grey stripe we put away earlier聽to finish the necklace:

wszystkie ko艅c贸wki zszyte

We will wrap our stripes with the grey stripe twisting it around the other stripes so that we will cover the sewing. Before I started twisting the grey stripe I attached it to some other stripes just in case, to make the wrapping easier:

zahaczenie szarej ko艅c贸wki

When you are wrapping, try to strain the stripe, so the necklace will be better formed when you wear it on the neck:

Owijamy szarym paskiem zszyte ko艅c贸wki

When you think that聽 you鈥檝e wrapped enough, put the rest of your stripe beneath the twisted part of the stripe itself. I also secured that place with the thread. It is easy to hide it in case you have a different colour of thread than of tights:

Ko艅czymy owijanie szarym paskiem i zabezpieczamy ko艅c贸wk臋 ig艂膮

The聽unnecessary rest of the stripe can be cut off:

odcinamy niepotrzebn膮 ko艅c贸wk臋

To finish off 聽I took 2 other grey stripes and wrap both sides of the necklace to make a kind of embellishment.

And now have a look at the end results:

Naszyjnik r贸偶owo-fioletowy z rajstop

R贸偶owo-fioletowy naszyjnik z rajstop2

Prezentacja r贸偶owo-fioletowego naszyjnika z rajstop na modelce

R贸偶owo-fioletowy naszyjnik na pie艅ku

I had a lot of old tights so I went crazy and made also two additional necklaces 馃檪 One is dark blue and grey with a plait. The way of doing it is exactly the same, I just braided a few of the stripes:

Szaro-granatowy naszyjnik z rajstop Szaro-granatowy naszyjnik z rajstop2 Szaro-granatowy naszyjnik prezentowany na modelce

szaro-granatowy naszyjnik na pie艅ku

And here is a green&brown one, where I used a chain mentioned at the begining. Ii was sewn to a random stripe:

Br膮zowo-zielony naszyjnik z rajstop Br膮zowo-zielony naszyjnik z rajstop2 Br膮zowo-zielony naszyjnik prezentowany na modelce

Br膮zowo-zielony naszyjnik na pie艅ku

Below you will find the short version of the TUTORIAL:


Tutorial - naszyjnik z rajstop

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