Medallion with a bit of history – Dark Ages

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami5

Have you ever wondered how was it to live in a different century? What did we wear, what were we interested in, what did we do in our free time? History fascinates us and very often inspires. However, the Middle Ages weren’t the ones which inspired today’s project, the medievalism of it started to show its face during the work. 

At the begining let me explain that the last week was dull and drab. I was just sitting, half sleeping and looking at my beads without any specific purpose, untilbaza do kolczyków I saw bases for earrings. They were bought some time ago, because I thought I would use them…and I did! so do not have any remorse while shopping, buy it, you will use it at some point in the future 😉 Those bases became my starting point for the project. I selected proper colours of the beads, which changed a bit while working.
When I have done 1/3 of my project, I started to connote my pendant with the Middle Ages. I’m not an expert, especially an expert on medieval jewellery, but I like and I’m really interested in history, so the connotation wasn’t out of thin air. When I read for a bit, it turned out that the look of my medallion is quite similar to medieval style.

Gold and silver were the main materials used in jewellery design during the Middle Ages. An emerald and ruby were the most popular ones, but nearly all gemstones had to be imported from outside Europe. Amber, jet, freshwater pearls and coral could be found within Europe. The modern facet-cut style of gemcutting was only developed at the end of the period, and before that stones were all cut and polished in variations of what is now called a cabochon cut, with rounded contours. Diamonds were rather unexciting at the time in cabouchon style.

In addition to basic forms of personal jewellery such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches as we know them today, medieval jewellery included a range of other forms for specific purpose, such as fittings and fasteners for clothes including, buckles, “points” for the end of laces, and buttons, as well as hat badges, decorations for belts, weapons, purses and other accessories. Not everyone could afford to wear jewellery. Dark Ages were a period of famine, wars, and plagues, so jewellery was a symbol of social status reserved only for the elite, clerics, a monarch and aristocracy.


I’m not sure whether anyone from the Middle Ages would like my medallion, but you can be a judge of that today,

this is it:

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami3

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami4

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami7

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami2

Medalion w stylu średniowiecznym wyszywany koralikami

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