Bead embroidery=beading, no? What is it all about?

Moris zmieszany

I wrote Today’s post for myself, but first and foremost for all of you who have just began your adventure with beads. When I started the Internet was the first sourse, where I looked for some information, but there was still some basic knowledge missing…

By nature, I like to keep things in order  and gain knowledge step by step, so that being at certain stage I could  connect the dots  and put it together in a one coherent whole. Unfortunately, as I remember it, I was reading and going through some information, here I saw ‘beading’, there ‘ bead embroidery, in another place ‘crochet’, here is this stitch and there a different one… I was lost in terminology.That is why I decided to make some order.

What is beading?

The word beading is a general term, it means all the activities connected with creating something with beads like: attaching beads to one another,  stringing them or sewing them to cloth. The name beading is derived from the word ‘bead’. Instead of the term beading you can also use the term beadwork.

Techniques, so what the beading consists of?

Let’s have a look at the techniques used in beading. Note! Beading is not a technique, it’s the activity of making things with beads.


is divided into:

  • On-loom 
  • Off-loom 

In both cases we are beading with a thread and needle, but in the first one we use a beading loom frame and in the second one stitches

  • Peyote Stitch
  • Brick Stitch
  • Square Stitch
  • Right Angle Stitch
  • Tubular Stitch
  • Daisy Stitch
  • Herringbone Stitch
  • Chevron Stitch
  • Netting Stitch


It is a technique which incorporates sewing with beads, stitching seed beads to a variety of items like felt or any other cloth that we want to decorate with beads. Remember! We can talk about bead embroidery only when we attach the beads to different types of fabric. Here we also have stitches:

  • Back stitch
  • Fringe stitch
  • Brick i picot stitches


The word “crochet” is derived from the French “croche” or “croc” meaning “to hook”. Crocheting is very popular and the only difference between standard crocheting and bead crocheting is that we incorporates beads into a crochet fabric. You can create so called bead crochet ropes this way.

4.BEAD STRINGING – nawlekanie koralików

It’s just simply stringing beads on a cord, wire or string. It can range from sliding a single bead onto string or something similar to complex creations that have multiple levels.o po prostu nawlekanie koralików na nić, żyłkę lub drucik jubilerski.Może ono zaczynać się od prostego sznura z pojedyńczymi koralikami aż do skomplikowanych tworów, które mają kilka pasm i przeplatanych poziomów.

5.BEAD KNITTING – robienie na drutach z koralikami

I haven’t come across anyone in Poland who practices this technique and I don’t know much about it myself, so another challenge is waiting 🙂

What is it with the terminology? Is it beading or bead embroidery?

A bead crochet rope is not beading, cause that’s not the technique, the correct term is beadweaving, but I have noticed that in Poland it isn’t popular and it was coined to use just beading, however I encourage you to use the proper terms.

Are you still there? I hope you haven’t dozed off due to all of those information and that this post will help you to choose your own way and technique of beading. Below you will find a cheat sheet with the techniques of beading. Good luck!


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