I wish I could fly …

Sukienka damska z ręcznie malowanym wzorem w ptaki

Sometime in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I bought a casual dress which caught my eye immediately. Unfortunately, I came home and found out that I didn’t like it after all… Does it also happen to you? It has laid in the wardrobe for a month or so when I decided to do something about it, give the plain dress a new life and make it wearable. At first I thought I could use some accessories, but no… not for this kind of dress. Let’s paint it! Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

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A safety pin jewel – say what?!

Ręcznie robiony naszyjnik z agrafek i koralików

A box of safety pins in my closet…lying around all those years…useless……oh! I wish…!:/ the hardest thing in making today’s necklace was buying the package of safety pins, can you imagine!? I couldn’t … Wandering around from shop to shop, the only thing I noticed was that they were neither in numbers I wanted nor at the price I thought pins should be, however I found them in the end. What a relief!

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It’s Christmas time! :)

Naszyjnik ręcznie wyszywany koralikami na białej organzie na specjalne okazje

Hand made necklace for Christmas or any other special occasion 🙂 rich in different seed beads, ribbons, chains, buttons,bow, cabochons and TOHO beads – in black&white colours. Made on white felt and organza (ok, to be honest it’s not exactly organza, but part of my curtain, and no, I didn’t cut it to make the necklace;) I had some leftovers, which I thought could be a perfect foundation)

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