I like to move it!

Melman z Madagaskaru - koszulka ręcznie malowana markerami do tkanin

“I’m in my prime here and terminal, you know. Probably I only have another two days left to live…” said Melman, a fellow fit as a fiddle who constantly worries about having a serious illness. Have you ever come across a hypochondriac?….I was bitten! I’m sure it was tsetse fly, where is my ointment?! I’m dying! Do you see those pimples, I don’t like them, I have to go to the doctor. There is a soap in my eye, I won’t be able to see ever again! I’m out of adhesive bandages, I’ll bleed to death….and every day the same story over and over again;P

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(Not) According to plan

Wisiorek na wrzosowym tle wyhaftowany z koralików

We like it when everything goes according to plan, don’t we? However, in reality, in most cases, we come across many obstacles, problems so the initial plan has to be changed or adjusted. And it’s all fine as long as we achieve, more or less, what we wanted, but … if we don’t, there is the anger, the frustration of wasting the precious time and making all of those efforts for nothing…(at least in my case, that’s the way it is). We always have those big plans, we imagine the results, but at the end of it all, the outcome is nothing what we had in mind…

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I wish I could fly …

Sukienka damska z ręcznie malowanym wzorem w ptaki

Sometime in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I bought a casual dress which caught my eye immediately. Unfortunately, I came home and found out that I didn’t like it after all… Does it also happen to you? It has laid in the wardrobe for a month or so when I decided to do something about it, give the plain dress a new life and make it wearable. At first I thought I could use some accessories, but no… not for this kind of dress. Let’s paint it! Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

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A safety pin jewel – say what?!

Ręcznie robiony naszyjnik z agrafek i koralików

A box of safety pins in my closet…lying around all those years…useless……oh! I wish…!:/ the hardest thing in making today’s necklace was buying the package of safety pins, can you imagine!? I couldn’t … Wandering around from shop to shop, the only thing I noticed was that they were neither in numbers I wanted nor at the price I thought pins should be, however I found them in the end. What a relief!

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