A button necklace

NAszyjnik z guzików vintage

I’m sure you have already noticed that I like to convert useless things into useful ones and I think twice before I decide to throw something away. I know, I know, I repeat myself, but recycling is always trendy. In the case of this necklace I would even dare to say that it is in fact upcycling. But let’s start from the begining.

Why upcycling?

pierwsza koncepcja naszyjnika z guzikówBecause due to the process of transforming useless products, a new product of better quality was created – at least in my opinion. We had buttons, now we have a necklace! Creative reuse.

Ingenuity, imagination, creative attitude are the things that count in upcycling. Now we can say it is a kind of artistic expression worshiped by many designers around the world. And this is how my necklace became a small piece of art.

How was it created?

It took a long time to do….I’m not sure why I’m so optimistic when I’m begining a new project and very often I think: 3 days and it will be finished. No way! I’m totally aware of the fact that bead embroidery, I mean, handmade stuff in general is very time-consuming. Including all the adventures I have with the thread and countless knots. One would like to speed up, but that’s not possible. The reason for the optimism is that I want to see the results at once, but you can’t, after 3 days you can only have a quarter of your project finished. Every single time I’m crashed by the same reality, I kind of like that reality 🙂 This project was supposed to be finished on Sunday, so 5 days ago, HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, sure….

Gotowe materiały do stworzenia naszyjnika z guzikówI won’t lie to you that an idea for this necklace came to me suddenly when I was attaching a button to a shirt. The truth is I had some spare buttons, which came from different clothes. I’m sure some of you have such a box full of buttons somewhere in your closet. Among them I had metal ones which can be found with jeans. Currently, I don’t feel like wearing jeans, besides most of those buttons come from  some old jeans I don’t even have.

So what’s the conclusion?

The buttons won’t be needed any longer. And you can say that the Internet is full of that type of necklaces. That may be true, but how about a mix of the buttons and the beads? I didn’t like the idea at the beginning, but decided to continue anyway.

Obviously, the initial concept was different, the necklace was to be made from buttons only, but I didn’t like it, then I got rid of some of the buttons, I put them together in groups depending on their colour and finally I decided to add the beads, why not! The result is simple, rough, I would even say industrial and a bit military. How do you like it?

This is my version of the button necklace:

Naszyjnik z guzików na łonie natury

naszyjnik z guzików na kamieniu

NAszyjnik z guzików-prawa strona

Naszyjnik z guzików-lewa strona

And here are some photos of the necklace presented on a model, as the topic is quite serious the model acts seriously as well 😉

Naszyjnik z guzików na modelce

Naszyjnik z guzików prezentowany na modelce2

Modelka w naszyjniku z guzików


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