A safety pin jewel – say what?!

Ręcznie robiony naszyjnik z agrafek i koralików

A box of safety pins in my closet…lying around all those years…useless……oh! I wish…!:/ the hardest thing in making today’s necklace was buying the package of safety pins, can you imagine!? I couldn’t … Wandering around from shop to shop, the only thing I noticed was that they were neither in numbers I wanted nor at the price I thought pins should be, however I found them in the end. What a relief!

To do this necklace I was inspired by the almighty Internet, I have already seen some jewelry made of safety pins, but I decided to do my own and share it with you. How hard can it be, right? Let’s begin!

DIY hand made safety pins necklace8

How to start:

tools needed

You will need:

1 – safety pins, in one or different sizes, it depends what kind of necklace you designed, mine were in 3 different sizes: 3cm, 3,5cm and 4,5cm

2 – beads, the colours should be your personal choice. I chose white, silver, grey and black to be used on pins and rainbow crystal TOHO beads (round 3/0) to seperate the pins.

3 – chains, one quite thin to be able to place the TOHO beads on it, and the other one to finish up the both sides of the necklace

4 – jump rings to attach chains and a clasp together

5 – pliers

6 – a charm to add a finishing touch to your necklace

As the first step I place the chosen colour of beads on all of the safety pins (you should put as many beads as possible on each pin), then I put the pins in the correct order according to the pattern that I had designed – it will make easier placing the pins onto the chain. 














The first safety pins look like that:


… and after an hour or so later we’ve got all the pins ‘beaded’ and ready, all 60 of them!:

pins done

Now let’s move on to the chains. Measure and cut them, the one where you will be placing the beads should be longer just in case, cause it’s difficult to guess how much place the pins will occupy.

Cutting chains collage

Secure the end of the chain on which you will be placing pins with a jump ring…



… and start placing the safety pins altogether with TOHO beads in the correct order. Firstly, I put one TOHO bead after that two safety pins then again TOHO bead, 2 pins and so on and so forth. I repeat it for all the rest of the safety pins.

placing pins

 When you are finished secure the second end of the necklace and attach the other two chains at both sides.

Attaching chains Collage

 The only thing left is to add a clasp, a few links of the chain in case you would like to adjust the length of your necklace and finally a small charm.

Final touches

The necklace was quite quick and easy to do, so if you have a few safety pins laying around, do not hesitate to use them!

Here are the results:

DIY hand made safety pins necklace1

DIY hand made safety pins necklace

DIY hand made safety pins necklace3
DIY hand made safety pins necklace7

DIY hand made safety pins necklace4

DIY hand made safety pins necklace6

DIY hand made safety pins necklace5

DIY hand made safety pins necklace2

necklace on

necklace on1

Here are also necklaces in other colours:

DIY safety pink necklace

DIY hand made safety pins necklace

Safety pins necklace red

Safety pins necklace red1

Safety pins necklace red2

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